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County ready to widen Orange Camp Road

Road construction

Road construction

Part of a well-traveled road linking DeLand and Lake Helen is to be widened soon.

Volusia County is preparing to make Orange Camp Road a four-lane thoroughfare for three-quarters of a mile.

“The only part that is funded is the part from Interstate 4 to Martin Luther King [Beltway],” County Engineer Gerald Brinton said.

Besides adding two new lanes, Brinton said, the $9.8 million project will include improvements at and very close to the intersection of Orange Camp Road and the Dr. MLK Beltway.

The project has been part of the county’s road plans for some time. Part of the cost will be covered by the county’s $70 million bond issue for roadways, which was floated in 2004. Other funding includes road-impact fees.

But the widening has nothing to do with proposed development in the area.

“It has nothing to do with accommodating the automall,” Brinton said. “We’ve been working on the design for several years. We are going to hire an engineering consultant to take our preliminary plans and make them into construction plans and documents, so that we can advertise for construction.”

Construction may begin later this year, and will take approximately 18 months.

Volusia County already has virtually all of the right of way it needs for the widening, Brinton said.

“We’ve got a couple of slices that Kolter will be conveying to the county,” he noted.

The Kolter Group has developed much of Victoria Park, the large, upscale residential section at the crossroads of MLK Beltway and Orange Camp Road.

Victoria Park homeowners have been informed about the Orange Camp Road project.

The county’s 2015 traffic count — the latest information available — for the targeted portion of Orange Camp gives the roadway a letter grade of C for its level of service. Engineers assign grades A through F to roads, similar to the grades given to students.

- Al Everson,

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